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Material Partners
Close-up of a designer's hands sketching a switch layout on paper, surrounded by various cork samples and switch prototypes on a table.

Studio Corkinho x Sumum

The idea for Studio Corkinho was born in the Portuguese hills of Alentejo. Witnessing the stillness of a cork harvest and the age-old tradition. Studio Corkinho is a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Antwerp / Belgium, aiming to elevate stillness in contemplative atmospheres.

We design limited editions within the fields of objects, furniture, and create contemplative atmospheres for interiors and micro-architecture. Fascinated by the hidden power of silence, Studio Corkinho engages how to curate stillness and bring a deeper meaning back into spaces.

Portrait of Cedric, designer of Studio Corkinho, showcasing his innovative and creative approach to design.

Studio Corkinho x MATA

The collaboration between Studio Corkinho with its beautiful cork finishes and Sumum, applied in the embedded MATA switch, brings together natural warmth and contemporary design innovation. Studio Corkinho, renowned for its craftsmanship in cork finishes, adds a unique texture and organic appeal to Sumum’s MATA switch.

The seamless integration of Studio Corkinho’s cork designs with the MATA switch creates a visually harmonious interplay between functionality and natural aesthetics. This collaboration results in a switch solution that is not only advanced in technology but also offers an environmentally friendly and stylish choice, enriching Sumum’s innovation with the natural beauty of cork presented by Studio Corkinho.

Sumum collaborates with Corkinho to elevate the sensorial perception of the MATA switch.

Cédric Etienne

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Two Mata switch panels in Cork Vulcanic Royal and in Natural Cork, featuring four minimalist buttons
Other collabs
Recessed MATA switch panel in Brushed Chrome by Studio STRAF, featuring six minimalist buttons seamlessly integrated into the dark surface.
MATA – Studio STRAF - Recessed - Brushed Chrome
MATA designed by Studio STRAF
Barolo Bronze switch from the Lys Core Collection by Sumum, featuring a sleek rectangular design with a minimalist round button.
Lys designed by Stephane Boens
Close-up of minimalist Cera handles on light-colored cabinetry, designed by Stef Claes, showcasing a sleek and modern aesthetic.
Loni & Cera designed by Stef Claes

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