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Close-up of a sleek, modern round switch from the Sumum collection, installed in the Gautier project, highlighting its elegant design and sophisticated functionality.


We blend innovation with design, excellence with simplicity. We focus on perfection beyond details.
We craft architectural hardware, smart and simple, nimble but elegant, compatible and pure.

Sumum offers tailormade switches and objects to complete your interior, honoring your style.


Sumum, a Belgian brand, originated in a switch, designed simply. It became a product pure as can be. Wesley is passionate about beautifully detailed, architectural hardware.

He embraces design, empowers technology and honors craftmanship. Through the pure products, he got noticed by top architects in Belgium and abroad. Delivering projects in high end residential market, hotels and offices, Wesley feels blessed to have found the excellence in simplicity. Sumum was born.

Portrait of Sumum designer Wesley Demeester, known for his innovative designs of modern and stylish switches.

A Sumum switch adds the final touch to a sleek and
simple interior design.

Wesley Demeester