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Designer Collections

Lys - Stephane Boens x Sumum

Bringing classic sophistication to a switch.

The collaboration between Stéphane Boens and Sumum is a perfect combination of creative vision and technical expertise.

Boens, as a renowned architect, understands the importance of carefully designed details that integrate seamlessly into his architectural concepts.

The result is a switch that fits perfectly into Boens' design concept. Combines functionality with sophisticated aesthetics.

The collaboration illustrates the importance of synergetic cooperation between architects and specialist manufacturers. It shows that creating custom-made elements is possible by joining forces and combining expertise from different disciplines.

The switch is not only a functional component, but also an artistic statement that reinforces Boens' design and embodies his vision in every detail. It is a great example of how collaboration can lead to extraordinary results in the world of architecture and design.

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Other collabs
Hidden switch panel in Shinnoki Natural Oak from Sumum, seamlessly integrated into the wooden surface with four minimalist buttons.
Hidden - Shinnoki- Natural Oak
Hidden finished by Decospan
Mata switch panel in Natural Cork featuring four minimalist buttons, seamlessly integrated into the dark textured cork surface.
Mata - Cork - Natural Cork
MATA finished by Studio Corkinho
Studio Cuoio switch panel in Black, featuring four minimalist buttons, seamlessly integrated into the black leather surface framed by a light-colored material.
MATA finished by Studio Cuoio
Hidden switch panel in Travertino Rosso marble, featuring four minimalist buttons, seamlessly integrated into the natural stone surface.
Hidden - Marble - Travertino Rosso
Hidden finished by Van Den Weghe

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