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Designer Collections
Designer examining round hardware pieces at a desk with a tablet displaying design sketches, surrounded by various Loni and Cera handle prototypes in different finishes.

Loni & Cera – Stef Claes x Sumum

Stef Claes ' first line of architectural hardware reflects his commitment to excellence and his attention to detail. Each piece is carefully crafted using high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Claes' mid-century-inspired line of architectural hardware allows architects and designers to seamlessly integrate his aesthetic and vision into their projects. It pays homage to the timeless beauty of the past while embracing modern functionality and durability.

Its collection invites the creation of harmonious and refined spaces where form and function come together in a way that is timeless and inspiring.

Portrait of Stef Claes, designer of Loni and Cera, showcasing his innovative and creative approach to design.


Mid-century translated

Stef Claes, an architect with a passion for timeless design, has pooled his creativity and his inspiration into a first line of mid-century-inspired architectural hardware. With his deep appreciation for the elegance and the functionality of mid-century modernism, Stef aims to design a collection of high-quality door handles, window hardware and other architectural details that seamlessly reflect his design principles.

The mid-century style, known for its clean lines, organic forms and minimalist aesthetic, forms the basis of Claes' designs. He has interpreted the timeless elements of this style and translated them into contemporary architectural hardware that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The human side of a design makes all the difference.

Stef Claes

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Assorted Loni and Cera handles in various finishes, designed by Stef Claes, displayed on a table to showcase their sleek and modern design.
Other collabs
Hidden switch panel in Shinnoki Natural Oak from Sumum, seamlessly integrated into the wooden surface with four minimalist buttons.
Hidden - Shinnoki- Natural Oak
Hidden finished by Decospan
Mata switch panel in Natural Cork featuring four minimalist buttons, seamlessly integrated into the dark textured cork surface.
Mata - Cork - Natural Cork
MATA finished by Studio Corkinho
Studio Cuoio switch panel in Black, featuring four minimalist buttons, seamlessly integrated into the black leather surface framed by a light-colored material.
MATA finished by Studio Cuoio
Hidden switch panel in Travertino Rosso marble, featuring four minimalist buttons, seamlessly integrated into the natural stone surface.
Hidden - Marble - Travertino Rosso
Hidden finished by Van Den Weghe

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