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Core Collection

Outlets: UK (Type G)

Sumum outlets Type G, tailored to meet the electrical standards of the United Kingdom and the Middle East. Our outlets feature the iconic Type G three-pin configuration, ensuring compatibility with the power systems in these regions.

What sets Sumum outlets apart is the distinctive T-shaped cutout surrounding the outlets, adding a touch of sophistication to their design. This unique feature not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides a practical solution for seamlessly integrating the outlets into various surfaces.

With the integration of RJ45 network connectors, TV connectors, and USB-C chargers, you can combine you own layout in combination with a standard outlet.

Combining these advanced features with the reliability and safety of Type E and F outlets, Sumum delivers a comprehensive solution for modern electrical and digital needs. Whether you're building a smart home, upgrading your office space, or renovating a commercial property, Sumum outlets with RJ45 network connectors, TV connectors, and USB-C chargers offer unmatched versatility and convenience for today's connected lifestyle.

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