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Core Collection
Close-up of a modern kitchen and dining area showcasing sleek, matte black cabinetry with minimalist open shelving. The kitchen countertop features a stack of stylish plates, while the dining table is set with a cup and book, adding a touch of sophistication. The room's design is complemented by the industrial look of the exposed concrete ceiling and track lighting.

Outlets: BE/FR (Type E)

Sumum outlets Type E and F, designed for modern connectivity needs with versatile combinations to enhance your living or working space. Alongside these electrical standards, Sumum offers configurations featuring RJ45 network connectors, TV connectors, and USB-C chargers, providing comprehensive solutions for all your digital and power requirements.

With the integration of RJ45 network connectors, TV connectors, and USB-C chargers, you can combine you own layout in combination with a standard outlet. Type E outlets, known for their robust grounding system, provide enhanced safety and reliability, making them ideal for residential and commercial installations.

Combining these advanced features with the reliability and safety of Type E and F outlets, Sumum delivers a comprehensive solution for modern electrical and digital needs. Whether you're building a smart home, upgrading your office space, or renovating a commercial property, Sumum outlets with RJ45 network connectors, TV connectors, and USB-C chargers offer unmatched versatility and convenience for today's connected lifestyle.

The round cutout, meticulously crafted for our outlets, combines elegant design with practical functionality.

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