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Tiny houses

In the heart of Stockholm's archipelago, right by the water, you will find Landets Tiny Houses. The overall layout of the house is inspired by the Scandinavian aesthetic, keeping minimalism and nature at its core. With the use of natural materials, the tiny house aims to lessen the impact on the environment and promote a more efficient and sustainable living.

We believe in the power of architecture as an engine of progress for people and society.
Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter

The Landet tiny houses designed by Andreas Martin-Löf, a Stockholm-based architect, are nestled in the majestic Swedish landscape. They offer a much-needed escape and tranquility to those who desire to get away from their mundane routines. The tiny houses connect with nature through its floor-to-ceiling windows and two decks that provide an exceptional indoor-outdoor space.

Your stay at Landet will be memorable, but it leaves a small footprint on the environment. The materials, construction technology, energy and plumbing systems have all been chosen to minimise impact. When the time comes for Landet to move on, we have already ensured that the surroundings can be restored to exactly how they were before - this is what we call "leave no trace" philosophy.

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Andreas Martin Löf